Monday, December 12, 2011

Dia de Los Muertos / Day of the Dead

Day of the Dead / Dia de Los Muertos

Los Cabos / San Juan

Nov 1,  2011 : The day children sprit return if called upon.

"Become friends with death," I heard a shaman say once, "it's the shaman's way. Like a best friend, death is always there sitting right next to you." I use to have a seductive romance with death. This dark gothic love for the once known now forgotten was romantically cupeled with deep fear. Now, my relationship with death seems friendly and respectful. "I see you," i told the spirit when i say it sitting patently in the corner of my mind. "I recognize you as death. Come forward and stop lurking my my shadow."  A few days later death did come to the forefront with flashing images of skeletons. " I see you," I told the spirit. " I recognize you as death. Stop trying to instill fear around who you are. Come forward and be friendly." 

In befriending death my fear of life has lifted and I feel as if death helps me see reality a bit clearer. With fear of death and fear of life lightened my mind can accurately access situations in a clear elegant way, which adds wisdom to my steps, were before emotion may had been. 

In building this relationship with death I recognize that each one of my beloved friends and family could be taken at each moment and that I could be taken from them at each second. I realize that all things are living and all things can die. I realize that death is only a death of ego, form and personality, but not of energy as a whole. I realize death is only rebirth into something new and what remains is your energy imprint you left on this plane of existence. 

It was so appropriate that in gaining this new insight and friendship, that  I was placed in Cabo San Lucas on Nov 1.  A friend Paulina had hired me to perform as a mermaid in a private event at the Hilton San Juan on Nov 2. So Nov 1 i was traveling with her through her day. It lead us to her children's motesory school at 7pm for a Dia De Los Muertos gathering.  Children ran around the mock grave yard as parents stood around the tombstones talking. Paulina explained that each child had made their own tomb stone. "Here in Mexico we kind of make fun of death," she said. "So each child made a tomb stone and wrote their own obituary."  Candles were lit at each tomb stone, some where created more like alters than tomb stones and a few people were dressed in traditional Dia De Los Muertos outfits with skull faced painted. 

To me it looked like this:
On this day, Nov 1, the spirit of children had a chance to return to the place they once walked upon the earth. Now, centuries later, the graveyard was empty of humans, which left a beautiful area for all the spirits to play with each other again, remembering what it was like to once be in human form and frolic with the senses. 

We left and went to the center of town to see a performance. Traditional Aztec dancers performed their warrior dance. Ballerinas choreographed a beautiful seduction with death. Poetry was written, fire was spun, and they story of Mexico's future, present and past was shared through art. 
To me it looked like this:
Humans gather to be part of the community and watch gladly as artists pour their passion into the moment. The artists dance with the idea that the spirits are watching and that maybe Frida Kahlo will make a appearance at her alter and see how much she was loved. Artists dance to express their need for change knowing that we only have a few breaths on this land and we must make those breaths meaningful. Drums Drum, Music plays, fire spins, dancers leap all in hope that in that moment we all become free of fear and step into a reality filled with life. 

The day was over and we head home. Death in the form of Karma came to me in my  dream. It showed me that in all the possible actions I make, each once creates an imprint in my mind and soul and that imprint guides my next action/reaction. 

I awake hoping I have many more breathes to take with those I love and with nature. "Death i see you. Take this journey of life together with me and at the end we will both be ready to embark on the new journey. But first lets live this adventure of love in this existence fully!" 

So today is Nov 2 . Dia De Los Muertos the day to call upon the adult spirits. I take this day to call upon all those I love, dead and alive, and celebrate YOUR spirit. Your time here on earth is beautifully shared within me. I see your spirit  swirl around my existence daily. Thank you for helping me on the journey of existence and for creating in me love!

Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Dragon of Light

Surrounded by my closest fiends and family, I stood in a canyon looking up at the high edge of stone and sand.  The night was black with a hit of looming purples and grays. We  were all frozen in terror by the sounds of the dominating dragon stomping our way. He was all that a dominate, aggressive dragon should be and the entire human civilization lived enslaved by the fear he protruded.  As each step came closer our way our energy shrank and spirit hid.  I could see the side of his face and body as he got closer to the edge. The sky rumbled. All his slaves looked up into the night sky which began to fill with the aurora borealis. In all his majesty and ego The dragon growled with wild anger.  A huge comet shot down from the cosmos straight for the dragon, hit him in the solar plexus and continued on it's way , taking him with it , into the cosmos. In shock and relief all human beings went from frozen terror, to frozen disbelief, to frozen joy. Just then a light was heading toward us from the cosmos.  A  yellow, white, orange dragon made of light gently stepped onto earth. As he walked past us all to his dragon lair he said "You are all now Free."  All human jumped for joy and yelled in celebration. 

I turned to my family and friends, "Lets go meet him" , at which,  we began a long adventure filled with travels, cultures, and the elements. When we finally found the dragon's lair we found DJ's playing, people dancing, musicians creating and an amazing rave in this huge cavern. We passed through the edge of the cavern, up the mazes and finally came upon a beautiful buddhist temple where the dragon lay resting. Absent of words, I snuggled up to him and shared his light with my light. 

As I woke from this dream into reality, I caught myself in that space between awake and dreaming, I recalled this dream and mediated on it deeply. Then a hand appeared to me, offering me a ball of light. I took the ball of light and instinctively began to put it into my husbands heart center. Then I stopped. "Wait is this for me?"  I energetically  felt the answer: "Listen to your instincts."   I continued to place the ball of light into my husbands heart center. To the right and behind me was a cloaked character waiting patently. 

It seems in reptiles come to my in vivid dreams during transformative times in my life. They are Wise, Powerful, symbolize the beginning of a new spiritual insight. 

I felt this vision of a dark, ego driven reality being blasted away by the cosmos and replaced with a compassionate, spiritual light being in power is very powerful imagery to visualize as we move into the next stage of civilization and humanity. As we come upon Oct 28, 2011 and into 2012, visualize our reality void of unconscious ego and filled with light beings of freedom. 

Friday, July 29, 2011

The mermaid within is asking for healing.

I write to you today from the mermaid within that is asking for healing. 

I hope you can join us in a ocean mediation, which guides us into the ocean. We will gift the ocean, and all it's living beings, our love imprint. This is a gift to us, to all of our children so that they may share space with dolphins and fish, and to the water itself, to remind it that we have not forgotten it's importances in this realm of earth. 

“Over the centuries, humankind has constantly robbed from the earth, and left it ever more polluted – the history of which is recorded by water. Now, water is beginning to speak to us. Through water crystals, it is telling us what we need to know.”  Dr. Masaru Emoto,  The Hidden Messages in Water (Page 152)

Who: Those interested in being present with the healing power within the human form and open to sharing that with nature.
What: Ocean Meditation 
When: Ever time you find your self at the beach and/or in water. 
Why: Because the human being is a powerful conductor of healing love.
How: Ground your feet into the sand (imagine you are a stone earthed deep into the sand). Take deep breaths from the depth of your belly. Begin to think positive thoughts that heal all that is around you. Rub your hands together and place within them your intention for the ocean. With your intention and imagination spiral that energy into the ocean so that every water crystal will form into healing love crystals and so that every being that comes across that energy field may be forever wrapped in that healing love energy. 

I had a intense talk with the ocean as Saturday night disappeared and Sundays slowly settled in. (7/2-3/11) The conversation was one of simple truth and despair. It has left me feeling very disillusioned by humanity. And I must clarify this now: Humanity has been misinformed. We have always thought that the oceans, rivers, and streams were filters. They are not the worlds filter. We humans are! and instead of filtering love, healing, gratitude, and light, we as a society have been filtering darkness, junk, gloom, disease, grease, oil, smelly shit, forever lasting disposable plastics…We take in all of life and filter out sludge. We have polluted our life force with greed, gluttony and ignorance. Our oceans can not take it any more.This great pollution scale has tipped and we forgot to do our part. We forgot that the flowing energy through our astral bodies, physical bodies, minds, blood and water ( all which flows through our human being) filters so much more than any other thing in this universe. Our bodies are the mega filters. 

Water is our life force and without it we'd be nonexistent. Water is the main source that makes us US , that makes plants, that makes kitties and birds and dolphins, it's all based on water. I might even dare say that our soul is made of water and without it our soul, yes even our soul, will dehydrate.   

Everything eventually ends up in the ocean. And the ocean is now covered in hopeless despair. Can we change it? Can we do anything? Is it toto late? Maybe. Maybe not... In a moment of anxiety  Dr. Masaru Emoto, author of The Hidden Messages in Water, gives me a bit of hope:

"The human body is comprised mostly of water. And it’s common knowledge that much of the water in the world today – including the tap water many people drink on a daily basis – is polluted, tainted, and toxic. Everything in the universe – from the stars to the shoes on your feet – generates its own unique vibratory frequency. Because vibrations create sound, they can be measured by water, a “master listener” (pg. 43). Using this theoretical structure, Dr. Emoto exposed different kinds of water (e.g., tap, filtered, spring) to different sounds, words, and images, and then photographed the crystals that resulted when each water sample was frozen. The results are quite amazing: Purified or spring water presented with beautiful music and kind words created the most delicate, lovely, and shapely crystals; harsh music, words, and images resulted in deformed, distorted or otherwise imperfect crystals. Distilling this information into practical use, Dr. Emoto’s message indicates that purifying the water within us – from which we are made – is the way to achieve health and happiness. Dr. Emoto’s work strongly suggests that encouraging a life of positive emotions – especially love and gratitude – is what is necessary to not only transform the water within us, but the world outside."

He goes on to prove "that tap and polluted water produced malformed, misshapen crystals regardless of the words, pictures or music directed at it."   This I think we can prove to be wrong. We know our power of love as a group. We know our love imprint has been cast and has been acknowledged by the divine universal law. It is powerful together. 

“If we fill our lives with love and gratitude for all, this consciousness will become a wonderful power that will spread throughout the world. And this is what water crystals are trying to tell us.” - Dr. Masaru Emoto,  The Hidden Messages in Water (Page 146)

Saturday, June 25, 2011

1 Giant Leap

Politics continue to  run communities into mind boggling mazes of illusion, depression and imprisonment. They stop the natural progression of evolution by enslaving us into obedient adolescence. In order to live free we need to act out of love and compassion. That's it! When neighbors are kind and helpful to each other we build community and are free from greed.  Freedom is not an individualistic idea. It is a community of open hearted, intelligent beings working together to fill each others souls. I can't even begin to express myself as well as I'd like, so, I'll let "1 Giant Leap"  do it for me.  They continue to inspire!

In what small ways do you heal the world? Please share. 

These clips are also inspiring:

Friday, June 24, 2011

Red Bear Girl

Modern fear is a delusion. When was the last time you were really scared? Think about it? Wikipedia describes fear as: Fear from the Greek meaning "morbid fear", a distressing negative sensation induced by a perceived threat.  A perceived threat… But it seems as if these days our perceived threats are all over the place. In the airport, at home, in the office, driving. The media pumps us with terrorist threats, the economy creates stress-inducing fears, and the movies paint pictures of horrid murderous threats. (Thanks to “Pshyco” there is the threat of someone breaking into my bathroom while I'm in the shower. Thanks to “Jaws” there’s the threat of man-eating sharks in the ocean.) Think about it for a moment, when was they last time you where really fearful for your life? Not a delusional fear that was preempted by the media or a modern myth, but a real in your face fear? How many of us have actually been in a hostile situation caused by a terrorist, a shark, or a bathroom murderer?

 I bring this up because on June 11, I found real fear for the first time. It was an awe inspiring, beautiful, respectful fear that has forever changed every atom in my being. Upon hiking on our land in Ruidoso, New Mexico, I met a mother bear. I turned a corner and there she was about 7 feet in front of me. She turned her head to look at me and we locked eyes. My core tightened immediately and my center of gravity grounded. I was highly alert.   Thoughts raced: Pick up a stick. Get big. Don’t run. Stand your ground. She’s so beautiful. Wow. Can I get closer? What does she feel like? Why would she harm me? She doesn’t want to harm me. She is a vegetarian mostly… Is her baby is near?   

I had seen the baby bear earlier. At dusk I stepped out of the cabin and the baby nearly walked straight up to me. My friend pulled at my arm and yelled, “Get in the house! Get in the house!” But I was intrigued and not at all frightened. She we so cute and sweet. My friend tugged at me again. Her fear crept into my arm and we ran into the cabin. I was left feeling rude, as if I had cut my conversation with the baby abruptly short because of a mental dilemma of my own. I decided if I were to ever be in this situation again, I would fully feel the moment without distraction and act authentic to the present moment. I would not have True Reality be diluted by delusion of what could be or what was once.

So there I was 7 feet from the momma bear. Our eyes locked. I quieted my mind and listened. As she gave me a calm look over, her eyes said, “Really? Are you really going to follow me?”  My strong shoulders caved in a bit and my body responded “no, no.” I slowly began to walk backwards back to where I came from. She did not move. When she was out of sight, I did pick up a big branch and slowly, and deliberate with each step, walked back to the cabin.  My family at the cabin stared at me from the porch as I neared. They said my steps where like a Jedi, my face held terror, excitement, joy and awe. My father gave me the name Red Bear Girl. I felt so accomplished within my self. In the face of danger, I actually was able to calm, assess, listen, face the present, and respond in a respectable way. This feeling has stayed strong within ever since.  I will forever be protected by the lessons of the bear and her baby.

What was intimidating about the moment wasn’t that I felt I would be eaten, or harmed, but it was the powerful wild nature of wilderness, the unknowing of what could be, the energy exchange of consciously creating a moment fully together with another wild being. The Bear said “Really are we going to explore this moment further?” and I responded. “No thank you. This is quite enough for me.”  And we were both on our way. I truly felt a respect for the wild endless possibilities. 
So, when was the last time you were really scared? tell me about it.