Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Dragon of Light

Surrounded by my closest fiends and family, I stood in a canyon looking up at the high edge of stone and sand.  The night was black with a hit of looming purples and grays. We  were all frozen in terror by the sounds of the dominating dragon stomping our way. He was all that a dominate, aggressive dragon should be and the entire human civilization lived enslaved by the fear he protruded.  As each step came closer our way our energy shrank and spirit hid.  I could see the side of his face and body as he got closer to the edge. The sky rumbled. All his slaves looked up into the night sky which began to fill with the aurora borealis. In all his majesty and ego The dragon growled with wild anger.  A huge comet shot down from the cosmos straight for the dragon, hit him in the solar plexus and continued on it's way , taking him with it , into the cosmos. In shock and relief all human beings went from frozen terror, to frozen disbelief, to frozen joy. Just then a light was heading toward us from the cosmos.  A  yellow, white, orange dragon made of light gently stepped onto earth. As he walked past us all to his dragon lair he said "You are all now Free."  All human jumped for joy and yelled in celebration. 

I turned to my family and friends, "Lets go meet him" , at which,  we began a long adventure filled with travels, cultures, and the elements. When we finally found the dragon's lair we found DJ's playing, people dancing, musicians creating and an amazing rave in this huge cavern. We passed through the edge of the cavern, up the mazes and finally came upon a beautiful buddhist temple where the dragon lay resting. Absent of words, I snuggled up to him and shared his light with my light. 

As I woke from this dream into reality, I caught myself in that space between awake and dreaming, I recalled this dream and mediated on it deeply. Then a hand appeared to me, offering me a ball of light. I took the ball of light and instinctively began to put it into my husbands heart center. Then I stopped. "Wait is this for me?"  I energetically  felt the answer: "Listen to your instincts."   I continued to place the ball of light into my husbands heart center. To the right and behind me was a cloaked character waiting patently. 

It seems in reptiles come to my in vivid dreams during transformative times in my life. They are Wise, Powerful, symbolize the beginning of a new spiritual insight. 

I felt this vision of a dark, ego driven reality being blasted away by the cosmos and replaced with a compassionate, spiritual light being in power is very powerful imagery to visualize as we move into the next stage of civilization and humanity. As we come upon Oct 28, 2011 and into 2012, visualize our reality void of unconscious ego and filled with light beings of freedom. 

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