Tuesday, May 27, 2014

Nine Steps to Finding Your Bliss

“Follow your bliss and the universe will open doors where there were only walls.-Joseph Campbell

Nine Steps to Finding Your Bliss: by Leilainia

1. Breathe: The breath is the only thing we have control of in this life. It has the capacity to eliminate deep rooted memories that can get in the way of clarity. When you learn to become one with your breathing, it strengthens and cleanses the nervous system thus increasing a person’s source of life energy.

2. Be an inspiration to yourself and others.
 “Be true to thyself. Love Thyself” - Hanuman
Mantra: “I Am That I Am” repeat for infinity.

3.Love Life Deeply. Accept all that is within you and around you.
 “True Love is to love fully, as you know how, for eternity.” – Lakshmi.

4. Home starts within you. Be a reflection of the community you wish to build.

5.  Liberate yourself from the illusions of life: BE HERE NOW.
Watch your thoughts.
Recognize and accept the past.
Allow the future to dream realities of success.
And then stop… feel what it is to be here NOW. Right Now, not Then, but right NOW.  

6. Quieting the Mind: Meditation is the Greatest Teacher.
Create a constant habit of physical exercise and mediation.
This creates a harmonious balance between the body and mind.
Go inward and create an inner-getic alignment with the self.
To truly quiet the mind one must take the time to cease the constant chatter of the mind with a simple meditative mantra.
So, quiet the mind, take a breath and repeat “Simplicity. Simplicity. Simplicity. Simplicity ….” 
 “The demons that were always in my space seem to have gone somewhere else or are now working for me.”Zor

7. Accept Change. Everything is constantly changing. Embrace experiences without clinging to them.
“When I let go of what I am, I become what I might be.”
- Lao Tzu

8. Nature Calling: Emerge yourself into nature consistently.
Get outside of the box and get into nature.
“The goal of life is to make your heartbeat match the beat of the universe, to match your nature with Nature.”- Joseph Campbell

9. Bliss: Melt into the arms of existence with love and gratitude.
“No Want. No Fear.  Love to the Heart of it for Eternal Bliss.” -Krishna
Use this mantra to fill your heart with so much love and gratitude, so that it may flow into infinity and explode into the universe. 

Allow life to blossom into a love light lotus - Leilainia

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Wednesday, May 21, 2014

Shakti Fest 2014.

Spiritual home swirling in love and acceptance. 
I see clearly the love that's in me. 
I forgive myself for all the pain I've caused myself and others. 
Clearly is truth of the Now, which is forever changing in the new now. 
As long as I am home within myself everything is set free. 
Listen to yourself and guide from the dance of joy. And always make it beautiful.

Highlights of Shakti Fest 2014: 
*Coed bathroom = yummy, silly, awkwardly intimate , and perfect.

*Camilla and Lorin Roche =Finding the radiant authentic self in a moment of textured truth.

*Michael Brian Baker = Simplicity of the WE collectively creating a moment of the NOW that rises the genius within the tribe.

*Tammy Firefly = Spirit of abundant self reliance always including friends on her magical light joyed journey

*’Waking Life’ moments with Alexandrea talking philosophy, love, psyche and matters of the heart.

*Silly kurtan moments with Adam, Kiyoshi, Gary and puppets

*Heart opening songs with the Healing Heart teepee

*Mermaid magic with Siobhan Shier and Erin after hours in the hot tub.

*Igniting my fire within and wildly sharing it with the audience with on stage with Amritakripa

*Innovating the goddess Shakti within and smiling 

I had such an amazing weekend at Shakti fest 2014. 
Thank you Tammy FireFly for inviting me to perform with you!

Float Tank Journey: May 19, 2014

I experienced a deprivation tank for the first time Monday night at the Float Sanctuary. http://floatsanctuary.com/ 
I loved it and highly recommend it! 

This is what I wrote immediately after I got out of the tank: 

Galactic journey of the spirits into the light where we are all free.

 Individually free and whole.
 And in this we play and create and love and dance and sing and inspire.
All in-love. In-love with the universe within ourselves and around us. In-love we hold hands to share the connection of universal awareness. 

Where rivers run clean, oceans surge free, earth settles deep, fires spawn growth, and air is easy to breathe.
No one owns anyone and we are all free, in-love with the galactic spiritual WE. 

Satnam. Satya. Namaste. Amen within me! Paso Al Sol to be free. 
Into the light we lead!