Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Lightning In A Bottle 2012

Last weekend at Lightning In A Bottle we shared the main stage with Govinda, LUCENT DOSSIER, Bassnectar, Random Rab, Tipper, The Glitch Mob, and so many other mind expanding artists.  It was one of those moments that reminds me why I love to do what I do.
To share the stage with the best artists in our generation humbled me and inspired me to continue sharing my life with others through art and performance. Art opens the soul of humanity and allows for a glimpse of the internal life to expand outward into tangible realism. 

Thank you Lightning In A Bottle for giving artists a space to create, for giving communities a place to grow, and for allowing lost souls to find a home in paint pallets.

Friday, May 4, 2012

Beautiful Soul Awaken

We, as humans, have a beautiful soul. We have just forgotten how to a build a relationship with it.
When you get pass the chatter in the head, and filter through the media of the mind, you can visualize radiating green and follow the silence into the heart. 
Then visualize indigo spiraling up in triangular geometric shapes into and out of your third eye.
Once the third eye is activated, go back to your radiating green heart and sit under that growing tree of openness and relax. 
Just relax and watch the birds of thought fly by. 
Watch the clouds of society roll in and on. 
Watch the storms of emotion affect your being. 
Sit under that growing tree of your nervous system and allow it to morph into a divine machine. 
Just sit and relax. 

Then one day while reading the book of your life you will notice a peaceful dove of wisdom sitting on your perch. 
Look into it's eye and smile. "Thank you Dove for visiting me today."  And continue to enjoy the weather of the day. 
Another visitor of wisdom will join you eventually, maybe this time as a peacock. "Thank you Peacock for joining me today." And continue on your heart journey of knowledge. 
Yet another friend will come into your space, maybe this time as a lion. You may be timid by it's grace, strength and mighty presence, but sit with it and know it is there to simply share space with you.
Feel its calm strength energy and sense the mighty heaviness of its presence.  If you can calm yourself, you can even see the moment reflected in its eyes. 

Each day listen for that new visitor. Be humble when they arrive, not saddened when they don't.  
Each day cleaning the mush in the mind and body with colors and geometry. 
Each day simply being grateful for the opportunity to breathe. 
This is how we find our beautiful soul and eventually this is how we allow it to speak into our reality.

We can not silence the ignorant evil of humanity. 
We can not stop the violence humanity does to nature. 
We can mend the connection of life only within ourselves, one day at a time. 
Eventually the divine voice will emerge and guide us into the steps necessary to overcome the greed, war and anger.
But first we must overcome greed, war and anger within ourselves. 
First we must breathe the pure breath of heart love and face the wall of deception built by aggressiveness. 
Behind that wall you will find unruly weather. 
When that weather of emotion clears, you will find that peaceful dove waiting to perch on your shoulder. 
in the meantime….
Smile, it's good for your health. :) 

Thursday, May 3, 2012

Food For Thought

For me, plant powered living has created a holistic awareness to my being. It has connected my mind, body and spirit in a pleasant, simple way.

On a physical level:  My digestive system doesn't have to work so hard to process food & my nervous system has relaxed.
On a mental level:  My mind is flowing with more positive thoughts & freedom.
On a spiritual level:  I asked the universe for a heart felt life guided by compassion and the next moment I was plant powered and seeing the karma associated with the food industry.

It has been an easy transition for me since I am surrounded by the amazing support of the people of Plant Powered Living, my husband and my neighborhood in San Diego (within 10 minutes from me there are 7 vegan friendly restaurants, and two vegan ice cream shops). I understand that the choice to go plant powered is not as simple for all. Some do not get support from family and friends and in some areas there are no plant powered friendly restaurants in site.

Awesome news!   Things in this world are slowly shifting into compassionate awareness of all beings and I see real health, fitness and consciousness growing in society and its every day moments.

Love, Light & Aliveness with tons of Gratitude,