Thursday, May 3, 2012

Food For Thought

For me, plant powered living has created a holistic awareness to my being. It has connected my mind, body and spirit in a pleasant, simple way.

On a physical level:  My digestive system doesn't have to work so hard to process food & my nervous system has relaxed.
On a mental level:  My mind is flowing with more positive thoughts & freedom.
On a spiritual level:  I asked the universe for a heart felt life guided by compassion and the next moment I was plant powered and seeing the karma associated with the food industry.

It has been an easy transition for me since I am surrounded by the amazing support of the people of Plant Powered Living, my husband and my neighborhood in San Diego (within 10 minutes from me there are 7 vegan friendly restaurants, and two vegan ice cream shops). I understand that the choice to go plant powered is not as simple for all. Some do not get support from family and friends and in some areas there are no plant powered friendly restaurants in site.

Awesome news!   Things in this world are slowly shifting into compassionate awareness of all beings and I see real health, fitness and consciousness growing in society and its every day moments.

Love, Light & Aliveness with tons of Gratitude,

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