Thursday, August 21, 2014

Words flow in s p i r a l r s s s s s s

Sunken shoulders indicate defeat.
I am sitting inside myself, 
Wondering how to break through and 
Crack into a new.
Fear and sorrow leash me, throwing me off course, 
Yet the course is unknown, 
hidden in the treasure map of the soul 
surrounded by gold.
I reach inside to grasp it and it crumples in my finger tips s  s   s    s        s          s      .

"Be in the now,” the wind whispers.
"Presence in now,” the trees rustle.
I close my eyes to listen to my heart, 
which slowly opens to the light inside and I find ... 
A new sense of angst. 
Angst salted with laziness and tired bones. 
"I'm so tired of the struggle," bones crack and pop. "Open up already and SPEAK."

And the words flow in  s p i r a l r  s  s  s  s   s     s    
as they chase each other like a  c h i l d s s   s    s  imagination, 
free flowing,
ever changing,
never defeating,
just being
Directly shaping the presence of the new now,  
new only to the now, then fleeting.
The angst seeps into a hole of shallow sorrow, 
Calmness leaps to enrich the likelihood of aliveness
And I feel more present in the life i have harnessed.

Each day I become more of a REAL person.
Each day I see how perspectives can HEAL and conjure realities.
The possibilities are fractal-ly endless  as long as i am not mindless
Each day love is an option...  so i proceed with caution
Each day I have a choice to be present and not hold onto resentment. 

The expansive self relaxes into ecstatic awareness of love. 
While the day-to-day self drags through multiple perspectives. 
The kaleidoscope is focusing in on one vision of reality and I surrender always to  L o   v    e 
free flowing,
ever changing,
never defeating,
just being,

in love. 

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