Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Dreams help guide me to peace

I had this sad hurtful dream last night about my sister.
I was standing up for myself by playing the game of seduction. It  was keeping me safe from harm. At this my sister  sneered at me and said "I would have handled that different." Instead of me asking how different, I got pissed and hurt and separated from her. What followed was a life time of pain and sorrow. I even lost an organ, it just fell out of my body and left me in deep pain. This represented a deep vital part of me was missing.  All this happened because I couldn't see the situation from a different perspective. I was so stuck in 'knowing' that i was hurt 'by you' that i forgot to see that it was just a silly difference in perspective. In this dream, I created drama in my life for no reason. 
What does all this mean outside of the dream world?

 This is what i took from it:

In order to be stress/ drama free and live a full life of peace and happiness i must:
- Conitunlly ask questions 
- Don't assume. 
- Don't hold grudges. 
- Check in and make sure my thoughts are surveying me and guiding me to the positive good or me. 
- I must shift perspectives once in a while just to make your sure ego isn't running the show
-My body truly does reflect my internal self. So keep mind and spirit free of stress, worry and drama and body will healthfully thank me for it. 

This holiday Season I ask of you, the reader, to think of these simple things as you reconnect with family.  Don't loose yourself and another loved one over simple perspective differences. See the world through the eyes of nature and realize we all change like the wind. Allow that change to blow through, and hope the refreshing rain, beautiful rainbows, crisp clean snow and delightful sun will follow. 

"I don't want to be in a trance…I want things to change like the shadows and patterns that fall from the sun"- Van Vliet http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Captain_Beefheart

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  1. Great post and I love your list of suggestions.

    Peace and happiness are always the best choices.

    Lots of love. :) Dave

    BTW, My blog is www.DaveTheOrganism.com