Thursday, December 9, 2010

SCHMUCKS and a smokin' hot tattooed sword swallower

Wednesday, December 8, 2010:
An amazingly hot tattooed sword swallower in a black bustier,  black circus capris and shinny black heals that show toe cleavage stands to the left of me talking to a large man  in a pinstriped suit with an extreme threshold for pain. Both wear a red flower on their lapel. Her's rest sweetly on her colorful tattooed left breast.  She is gathering her swords and placing them in a old violin case. I can only make out a few segments of their conversation. He congratulated her on the show she just completed… She tells him about her life: She is from Reno, moved to LA for a boy, the situation has gone sore so she will shortly be returning home to Reno to make enough money to truly join the circus life of LA.   A photographer from the Associated Press sits in the corner working on his Mac laptop, editing photos form the event. Two entertainment organizers sit at the table chatting, eating salad and sipping wine.

We are in the ballroom of the Hollywood Roosevelt Hotel. Adelaide is stretching in full make up and beautiful blue belly dance costume. I am stretching and writing and  observing. " What are you thinking Adelaide?" I ask.
She responds with a sweet smile: "I was thinning about how you told me you have fun with me."  About 1 hour ago we had the ballroom to ourselves. We stretched, rolled around on the floor, created silly choreographies and entertained each other. It's true. Every event is way more fun when we are together! Silly sister energy alive!

We drove from San Diego, left at 3pm. Arrived at 6:30. Hair, makeup and wardrobe until 8pm. Silliness until 8:45. Show time is 9pm. Oh wait 9pm is now…

In the lobby (turned secluded dinning area) the cast and media for "DINNER FOR SCHMUCKS" eat dinner, interview and shmooze. We are here to entertain during dessert for the  DINNER FOR SCHMUCKS DVD & Blu-ray Dinner for Journalists.  Apparently dinner has run late. One of the entertainment organizers leaves the room to get a ETA for our 30 minute dessert performance.   "It's an easy night for you girls," he says as he reenters the room. "You have 3 minutes."

"3 minutes until we go on?" I inquire.

 " No three minutes to perform. The dinner has run late," he explains.  " You'll get paid the same," he smiles.

My sits and I look at each other. We have to cut 30 minutes to 3 minutes! Fast, slow, sword, wings, veils, ….ahhh.  We talk him into 4:54 minutes ( a full song). Dessert is being served as we speak.

We decide to go with fiery veils to enter and transition to sultry swords. Our music starts and we are out the door into the dinning area. Beautiful, sensual, fun. Claps from all around.

10 minutes later we are undressing, jumping in the car, driving to Mel's dinner, then back to SD.  Adelaide and I chat all the way home about show ideas, philosophy, men, relationships, quantum physics and so much more.  I love my sister time! Wow what a fun Wed.

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