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Nine Seasons: Beyond 2012 : A Manual of Ancient Aztec and Mayan Wisdom

Nine Seasons: Beyond 2012 : A Manual of Ancient Aztec and Mayan Wisdom 
by Carlos Aceves; published by:  paso al sol 2011

Book Review, Recipes and Story by Leilainia Penix

  Video: Hal Marcus - Tezcatlipoca Codex Videography by: Akira Chan

 "This is a wonderful time to be alive and aware," writes Carlos Aceves in Nine Seasons: Beyond 2012 : A Manual of Ancient Aztec and Mayan Wisdom.  "Our ancestors throughout the world spoke of this age over 5,000 years ago.  This is a moment of celebration primarily because we are aware of the infinite possibilities." Aceves is a teacher and author. His Nahuatl name is Yolohuitzcalotl, which means crow with a hummingbird for a heart. He believes each day is a moment for celebration because we "have an opportunity to change the vibration of human existence and redirect our connection to Mother Earth and the Great Spirit." He teaches that "being grateful is the beginning of celebration."

 The book is an amazing manual for this human existence. I was blown away at how simple yet meaningful and to the point this ancient wisdom is. It hit to the core of the human form discussing the energetic process within the womb, our journey to death and everything in between. It starts out full of  numerology, which was a bit overwhelming, but as Aceves continues to explain the knowledge carried down from the ancient ones the numerology made more sense and the wisdom within the numbers was made clear.

 There is a full chapter dedicated to the Seven Warrior Foods. At the top of the Seven Warrior Foods pyramid are Maiz (corn), Ayotli (squash), and Etl (beans). Then there is Metl (maguey or agave), Nopal (cactus), Chilli (chile), and Huactli (amaranth).

"Over five thousand years ago, the people of central Mexico decided the birth date of corn," Aceves writes. "They made a covenant with a thistle-like plant called teocentli so that she would transform in a way that would feed the people and that they would always plant her seeds. In this way both species would survive." The ancients  had a special heart-felt relationship with all the plants in their lives. "Our ancients asked permission from a plant when cutting any part of it." They even called the Nopal ( cactus)  plant "Tree of Life".

 In honor of the ancient ones, on 11-11-11 my husband, Gabriel Penix and I catered a ceremony in Escondido, California, for 47 people. The ceremony was led under the stars around a fire pit by a shaman (Dr. John) and was adorned with fire dancers (The Shimmy Sisters and Riff). The next part of the evening was held in a yurt where a casual explanation of the importance of 2012 by Dr. Duncan Earl and Artist Hal Marcus was given.  On cue as we entered the yurt, the clouds began to roll over the mountains and rain began to purify the land. Everyone settled into the cushions, carpets and comforters and allowed the knowledge to settle in as I danced the transformation into 2012. I danced the removing of the mask that needs to happen in order for us to step into this new paradigm where we are able to see the clear path of light. Through dance I tuned the meridians of the community with mudras and movements and left the room lifted with a beautiful healing aroma. And when the morning sun peaked through the curtains it woke the bodies and we all gave thanks to the land with a walk in the orchards where we picked fruits, avocados, and nuts and created a plant powered breakfast potluck.
*** check out photos from the 11-11-11 event on facebook.

The emergence into 2012 has been filled with blessings of knowledge coming from listening to the inner light within and stepping outside into nature. As Aceves says "In nature [Mesoamericans] found lessons that taught them a healthy path for living. The basic duties and functions of humankind, such as breathing, drinking, eating, sleeping,or love making are integral to our relationship with Mother Creation."

  Learn more about the Seven Warrior Foods  in Nine Seasons: Beyond 2012 : A Manual of Ancient Aztec and Mayan Wisdom " Buy the Book It is a great guide to interpreting our journey as humankind. 

 "Long ago people practiced the Tao. They maintained balance of the body and mind. It is not surprising that they were able to live over one hundred years." ~ The Neijin Suwen

 For recipes I created for the 11-11-11 ceremony check out our food Blog at

Maiz Salada (Corn Salad)                                          Nopalitos (Cactus) 

"The Doctor of the future will no longer treat the human frame with drugs, but rather will cure and prevent disease with nutrition." -Thomas Edison

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