Thursday, February 23, 2012

Activate Your Health and Your Spirit

Life is filled with adventure, health, food, sensuality, silliness, fun, philosophy, love, culture and imagination.

Share in the abundance and activate your health and spirit.

As we are breaking out of our robot shells we begin to feel the human experience. We are loosening the bricks in the architecture of our minds and beginning  to feel  the celestial beings living in this human body. As we experience our deep selves, and begin to really FEEL  this human experience,we allow the garden of our hearts to flourish and take over the machine. In doing so we give permission to nature to take over the walls and buildings we have created internally and we begin to regain balance.

We are here because we chose to be here. We are here because we choose to be here. Liven up your life.  Loosen up your life and feel! Doing so will require you to analyze your values, morals and day-to-day responses. In turn this will cause you to step out of your routine and breathe. It is frightening and there maybe some ugly hellish realities to face, but in the end there is always beauty and love. In the end all of nature will open up its arms and embrace the child and his/her dreams.

Artist: Akira Chan

Are you ready to start living the life you deserve? Are you ready to embrace all that life has to offer? It all starts NOW, within you. It all starts with a deep breath of appreciation for all you are and all you have experienced.

Follow these 10 steps to change your life.
Step one: Breathe.
Step two:  Say to yourself "I love you"
Step three:  Repeat that for eternity in your mind and allow it to erase fear doubt and self loathing
Step four:  Say to yourself  "I forgive you"
Step five:  Repeat that for eternity sending it throughout your body and allow it to bring back blocked memories within your body.
Step six: Stay here for a while forgiving your self for being human and begin to feel.
Step  seven: Say to your self  "I am sorry"
Step eight: Find the child within and apologize for any harm you have done. Call the child back into your being and vow to protect her/him from here on out.
Step nine: Repeat all the steps together, intertwining them all; feeling where they take you.
Step ten:  It's okay and natural to feel.  It is okay to be afraid.  It is okay to face the perceived ugliness within. I forgive you. I love you. I accept your apology with an open heart. We are one. I feel you! And I will be here with beauty on the other end armored in love.

Watch this video by my sister, Adelaide, and film maker Akira Chan.  You will enjoy this!

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