Monday, February 24, 2014

Widowed Soul Of Love

Cry for the widowed Soul Of Love
She silently weeps at the gates of hell
awaiting her lover who has long gone to heaven.
Blindly she feels her way through the dirt and mud
Feeling the eye balls of the dead, 
mistaking them for peebles on the road.
Her journey is dark and filled with turmoil
as she crawls into the abyss of soul searching
Only to find her soul was long ago sold to the angel of broken dreams. 

Sensual lust washes over her 
as the blood of heaven drips through the cracks…
and she drinks it up.
Baths herself in hell
laughing all the way. 

Broken wings tattered and dirty 
grease graces her shoulder as she grasps for the gates. 
Rattled,  the road shakes
Rattled, hells gates creak
as she kicks the lock loose to let me in. 
And a roar of demon hell soars from her being
Fire ignites and lust pours out. 

Cry for the widowed Soul Of Love
waivered away by miscommunication 

sight gone
broken wing
hooves of crows
beak of lion
mane of dragon
Confused child of heaven 
dropped like a rain drop 
bleeding into life.

She crawls into awareness 
and crunches down on the legs of earthly beings. 
Tears of black soot fall from the dark holes 
surrounded by lashes.
Bits of human flesh dangle from her lips and are stuck in her fangs. 

She traps me in her gut of indigestible realities of Hell. 

Her breathe is hot as she grunts: “You want Peace?…
Travel past my lips and into my belly to find those who sought peace.”
She belches a deep gurgling truth that resounds within all beings.
“Peace is the non existence of humanity!…
Peace is the waiting room for hell.

and I claw to escape her esophagus.
only to fall a sleep into an another dream 
I call life. 

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