Tuesday, April 8, 2014

A witches brew: rid me of unnecessary strife

A witches brew I stirred up for those going through heart break. 
Read two times silently and one time out loud over water( or tears)  and a burning candle (or the fire within) .

There's no elixir for a love like this 
There's no tonic for the serpents kiss
Sucking my soul out with your straw
Creaked heart by boredoms law
Dramatic cravings stream in fear
The serpents coil means the end is near

The witches brew boils and spins
Into the cauldron we drip angels skins
Wings tattered and tore
Eyes peering in scorn
hidden in the swallows of heathens cloaks
covered in ashes and soot and tasty yokes

Ravens eyes dim no more
Pierce through my soul to the core
Shatter the hardened cage of life
And rid me of unnecessary strife!


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