Wednesday, May 21, 2014

Float Tank Journey: May 19, 2014

I experienced a deprivation tank for the first time Monday night at the Float Sanctuary. 
I loved it and highly recommend it! 

This is what I wrote immediately after I got out of the tank: 

Galactic journey of the spirits into the light where we are all free.

 Individually free and whole.
 And in this we play and create and love and dance and sing and inspire.
All in-love. In-love with the universe within ourselves and around us. In-love we hold hands to share the connection of universal awareness. 

Where rivers run clean, oceans surge free, earth settles deep, fires spawn growth, and air is easy to breathe.
No one owns anyone and we are all free, in-love with the galactic spiritual WE. 

Satnam. Satya. Namaste. Amen within me! Paso Al Sol to be free. 
Into the light we lead!

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