Wednesday, May 21, 2014

Shakti Fest 2014.

Spiritual home swirling in love and acceptance. 
I see clearly the love that's in me. 
I forgive myself for all the pain I've caused myself and others. 
Clearly is truth of the Now, which is forever changing in the new now. 
As long as I am home within myself everything is set free. 
Listen to yourself and guide from the dance of joy. And always make it beautiful.

Highlights of Shakti Fest 2014: 
*Coed bathroom = yummy, silly, awkwardly intimate , and perfect.

*Camilla and Lorin Roche =Finding the radiant authentic self in a moment of textured truth.

*Michael Brian Baker = Simplicity of the WE collectively creating a moment of the NOW that rises the genius within the tribe.

*Tammy Firefly = Spirit of abundant self reliance always including friends on her magical light joyed journey

*’Waking Life’ moments with Alexandrea talking philosophy, love, psyche and matters of the heart.

*Silly kurtan moments with Adam, Kiyoshi, Gary and puppets

*Heart opening songs with the Healing Heart teepee

*Mermaid magic with Siobhan Shier and Erin after hours in the hot tub.

*Igniting my fire within and wildly sharing it with the audience with on stage with Amritakripa

*Innovating the goddess Shakti within and smiling 

I had such an amazing weekend at Shakti fest 2014. 
Thank you Tammy FireFly for inviting me to perform with you!

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