Monday, October 4, 2010

Nature’s oil painting

Oct 4, 2010. Monday morning. San Diego weather is unpredictable. Santa Anna’s have passed along with being immersed in an oil painting of blues and oranges reflecting from the sky and water. Dolphins passed. Paddle boarders glided by and gaggles of surfers clothed in thick black neoprene sat on boards floating on liquid glass.  The moment’s texture was thick and sensual. Nature’s creativity brushing strokes of oil colors meshing, brightening, and accenting the blood orange sun as it set behind the deep blue ocean, reflecting itself on the ocean’s surface, painting the scenery with serenity.   My inner child alive with adventure was caught silenced as nature in all its awe communicated beauty and restfulness. My body numb from the ocean’s chill. Small humps of waves passed eye level and the sun was gone leaving only the memory of light. Waves woke and began to crash giving us ocean lovers a last chance to play before night fall.  

And now on Monday morning I am reminded of that humid, almost tropical, week and long for months of that. But here is San Diego the gloom of grey clouds settles and mist falls on to bare faces and hands.  The news always complains “it’s too hot. Too cold. Too Grey.” This morning they said “it’s unpredictable.” But it seems to me that ever year the same weather passes through.  Maybe that is the great thing about San Diego. That everyone is in the bliss space where waves wash away past moments leaving us in the NOW. If that is the case then I am glad to be in a state of unpredictability.

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  1. Hi Leilainia,

    So you are really going to blog now? I want to be one of the first to say: Go girl! The world truly cannot wait to hear what YOU have to say. I will be listening!