Wednesday, October 13, 2010

The Plastic Self

"The body is a plastic instrument ." Quote from page 54 of "As a Man Thinketh".  What does James Allen mean by plastic instrument? Plastic from experience? Do i feel plastic? … Usually when i feel plastic i associate it with the water i have ingested from plastic containers. Sometimes i can feel those plastic particles attaching themselves to my inner body. My sister once told me in a harsh tone "sometimes you seem plastic." PLASTIC….. But why plastic and not wood or metal.. PLASTIC…. Perhaps i had become plastic because i like the pink pop of budge gum, shinny pop of lady gaga and madonna. I like the plastic shine of sparkles and water and bight colors.   Regardless of how i attracted this plastic self, i accept it and acknowledge it and now allow it is pass. Because i know we can all be tuned to experience what it is we want to.

So i am a plastic  tool, an instrument  created to tune. A human instrument that can be tuned like a musical instrument. We can all be tuned to experience the greater self. That is what i am doing when i teach yoga and dance and give massage. That is even what i am doing as i perform and draw you into my realm. I am tuning you and myself and together we harmonize, vibrating on a high level of acceptance and creativity. I am turning you and myself to the highest, most beautiful self that we can be at this moment. This plastic instrument can be cracked and a human can rise out of its shell.

I am all things and particles i have ingested through my breath, belly, eyes, ears and skin. I am the plastic from the water bottles, the earth from organic veggies, the pollution in the air, the oil in the water. Through my senses I have witnessed, tasted , touched, heard and experienced all i've exposed myself to and ALL THAT HAS BECOME ME. The food i ingest is me, the air in my city, the pollution in my home, the love i surround myself with, the tears dropped because of me and from me, the fears i've allowed to seep in, the TV i choose to watch, the media and commercials that rap my mind: That has all become me.

The fabric woven together with all my loving friends and family is definitely me. Now this instrument has become creaked and emerged from it a new instrument  that is sensitive to this realty we've created. It is breaking me down to the core of tears and sorrow only to rebuild into strength and acceptance. I once had unconditional love for all things good and evil: the sunrise and the trash. Now i have unconditional love for the being within that is sleeping within each of us. The "Sleeping Giant".  Underneath the plastic of our American society is a true breath of life awaiting to breathe the fresh crisp air of dawn. It is waiting to tune the body into your human instrument. That will be expressed differently for each of us. Some will create visions of beauty, some visions of gore. When expressed truly from that Human Being then all is pure and in tune with all.

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