Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Keep the freedom to do nothing at all alive.

The core of Timothy  Leary’s philosophy and phrases may be summarized as: “You are the owner and operator of your own brain. Free yourself from imprints and robot behavior. Take control of yourself. Question authority, including me.” He failed to foresee that many had no desire to free themselves from their imprints.

I spent about 4 hours yesterday researching everyone and everything on the Election Ballot for Nov 2 , 2010. I found it very difficult to trust who was saying what and why. I checked references,  past issues and pretty much anything I could find on each person/ issue. I realized most people ( including the 5 people in the house I am staying in right now) are not going to spend that much time to really figure out what each empty oval means to our city/ state/ county. In fact most people feel so hopeless they won't even vote. 

"Why should I?" said one girl sitting on the couch. The guy next to her replies "It's just giving into the system. It's just working into that system that I am against." Humm…If everyone would just ignore the government, then the government wouldn't have the power and backing to do much. In that case, we give no power to a bunch of idiots with guns and bombs and mind games, in which case they will take the power back with fear, violence and mind fucks. Have you watched the TV in the past 7 years? FEAR, VIOLENCE, MIND FUCK all over it! 

So I asked the rest of the room "What can we do? What should we do?" Silence from all around. There is a feeling of hopelessness. What can we do? What should we do?

I have no idea!  and i'm agitated by this. 

I am not political at all! But I do know that there are people in charge who make decisions about where I get my food,  how my children will be taught, how clean my streets, air and water is, and how organic my food is.  These people decide how much money is going to war and how much money is going to health. These people, that I know nothing about, are controlling what I see on TV and what I hear on the radio, worst yet the government ( and big 'supporters') are controlling the AP Press, which controls all the news we get.    

Then I ran into the problem of the actual voting system. If I vote Green, will that take away the vote from the Democrates which could allow a Republican to win? ..AHHH...It's like a chess match. 

This leaves most people feeling powerless, which in turn leads them to live their lives on auto pilot, which in turn allows the government to do as they please.  Some people think their true vote is in consumerism, which I believe is partially true. (Buy what you believe in. Support who you believe in. Put money into your community and passions.) But I also believe that we can't let the imprints of greedy government settle into our blueprints and into our children's blueprints. 

 Some people like having the freedom to not care and not participate. I get that. But I also get that we are one generation away from even having the right to vote taken away from us.  So we have to vote in order to keep at least that right alive. We may be one generation away from swimming with wild dolphins. One generation away from breathing clean air. One germination away from eating food that does not have Monsanto genes. We have to vote to keep our freedom to breathe clean air, to have good food, have great heath care, to have oceans full of fish and mammals and we have to vote in order to keep the freedom to do nothing at all.  

"Be the owner and operator of your own brain. Question authority." People are not supposed to be afraid of their government. The government is suppose to be afraid of its people. 

I'm not asking you to free yourself from robot behaviors. I'm asking  you to acknowledge that in America we have the luxury to have those robotic behaviors. Vote to keep the quality of that luxury alive. 

"Artists lie to tell the truth. Politicians lie to hide it."
- V for Vendetta -

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